We are an accredited home based Child Care Service licensed and regulated under the National Quality Framework.

At our Coordination Unit: Administration Staff process Child Care Benefit and entitlements on behalf of Families to the Educators. Payment Advice Statements are processed detailing care usage and emailed or provided to Families after attendance records have been processed.

Qualified Coordinators visit our Educators in their home/venue regularly to support and monitor the Educator in managing their Child Care Service. Coordinators also assist parents if they are concerned about their child’s health, wellbeing and development.

Playsession is provided at our Coordination Unit, including organised excursion opportunities throughout the year for Families and Educators. We organise social events and actively seek input from Educators and Families in our service.

You choose your Educator

Our registered Educators provide education and care from their homes/venue as independent contractors on behalf of Tamworth Family Day Care. Educators and all adult household members have a Working with Children clearance.

In addition, Educators hold a current First Aid Certificate, Asthma and Anaphylaxis Management Certificate, Public Liability Insurance and meet legislative requirements, as per the Education and Care Services National Regulations, Law and National Quality Framework including the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and Australian Government Laws.

Your Educator will only provide education and care to a maximum of seven children at any one time, and only ever four pre-school children. This number includes the Educators own children and children living on the premises.

Having a small number of children in care, allows children to feel a sense of belonging, being and becoming. Each child is treated as an individual whilst growing and developing within a small group environment. Age appropriate experiences are programmed for the individual children in care and each child care environment is unique to that Educator.

Tamworth Family Day Care for all your childcare needs.

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